100+ Years Of Stories To Be Shared

The story of Klemme House B&B begins in 1910 when the first lots of land were purchased by Ford Pike and Denis Twomey. In 1912 the original house was built by Denis Twomey on spec. For the next 15+ years, various people and families would stay in the picturesque residence with its lush gardens and serene surroundings.

Then in 1945, a seed-specialist and gentleman by the name of William Klemme happened upon the house and fell in love with its quaint location. Klemme bought the house, and the second piece of land the following year, in 1946.

In 1967, when William Klemme passed away, his wife Mrs. Klemme assumed ownership of the house and surrounding lots.

Mrs. Klemme lived in the house until her death in October 1981. It is at this point that the house became the property of Carin Thomas and Manfred Klemme. They sold it in 1997 to David and Elaine Taylor who then renovated it to become College Lane B&B. The grand opening took place on October 13th, 1998 and Mr. and Mrs. Taylor ran a successful business until 2006 when the house was bought and converted into a rental property.

On May 1, 2008–not long after being purchased by George and Mary Thomas–the house was renamed and opened as Campus Rose Inn B&B. In July 2012, the couple celebrated the house’s 100th anniversary. Campus Rose Inn B&B stayed open for close to 10 years.

Then, in March 2017, Marilyn Murray bought the house and renamed it after one of its original owners. In July 2017, Klemme House B&B opened its doors to the public and has been sharing its love of the surrounding community ever since.