Thanks Marilyn, you are an amazing hostess. Your home and rooms were incredibly welcoming. Felt right at home.
- Lorna A.

This is a special B & B. So much love was put into this little home and its wonderful rooms. Thank you for a wonderful visit.
- Atalia O.

Thank you for the very comfortable stay, and the delicious breakfast!
- Christine M.

Thank you for having me Marilyn! You have a lovely home. I was able to relax, recharge, & enjoy the peace and quiet. I hope everything continues to go well for you I hope you have a lot of travel adventures.
- Zartaj B.

Thank you for the hospitality Marilyn, you have a beautiful, welcoming, & comfortable B & B.
- Tracey C.

It has been so precious to have a place to rest. Your spirit and grace fills this space.
- Kim M.

This home is so beautiful. I LOVE all the antiques and exposed wood and the quilts that are works of art. I also love being so close to the trails in a heritage neighborhood. Fresh berries in winter are such a treat, and your home made muffins sustained me through the day.

It's my birthday today and I cannot think of a finer, better place to be on such an occasion. Words fail to adequately describe the comfort and peace of such a place. My many thanks, Marilyn. May you be well-blessed in the future with success and satisfaction.
- Eric R.